“Finders Keeper” Kindergarden rule costs Apple billions; Steve Job cries in the corner.

Steve Jobs needs to get a grip of himself.   According to this article, Jobs pressured and then gave Gizmoto the cold shoulder after they posted pictures of the new iPhone.  Hasn’t Jobs ever heard of the age-old playground rule:  “finders keepers, losers weepers?”

It turns out some sore losers in California lobbied for a law that requires the finders of lost goods valued over $100 to turn the items over to the police.  The man who found the iPhone at the bar didn’t exactly do this, and now he’s in trouble. Okay, I get it, he broke a law that no one has ever heard of…but,What’s the big fuss about?

Apple says this snafu has cost it millions of dollars since consumers won’t buy the old iPhone now that they know a new one is coming.  WHO didn’t know that a new iPhone was coming out in June?  I went to an AT&T store before the scandal because I needed to replace my phone. When I asked the store manager point blank “are you guys getting a new iPhone,” he answered “we know we have to reserve tons of shelf space for a new unnamed product…the last 4 times that’s happened, it’s for a new iPhone.”  I am no sleuth, so I’m sure others figured out Apple planned on launching a new iPhone this summer too.

Moreover, the news may have delayed some people from making an iPhone purchase. Sure. But what does it matter if the sales figures will contribute to the same fiscal year? Won’t the delayed purchases just push up the sales of the new iPhone?

Apple also claims that the press-leak may give its competitors an upper hand. Really?  Competitors can reverse engineer the current iPhones out in the market, yet they haven’t really created a compelling substitution option. Why would that change all of a sudden?

Fourth: come on. This is fantastic press. Stop complaining.