I broke up with GI Joe and I feel fine.  Instead of the usual round of long-winded ex-bashing sessions with my friends and occasional moments of self-pity when I’m alone, I feel unstuck and cautiously optimistic of what’s ahead.

Note I: I was never in love with GI Joe.  We got along great, had fun together during our MBA, and had pretty fantastic chemistry.  BUT, I never felt strongly enough to say anything beyond “I like you.”  That’s fine. Not every relationship is going to be epic, but it will be worthwhile so long as you know how to classify whatever it is that’s going on, learn and enjoy what you can, then peace out when being with that person is no longer worth your time.

Note II:  I had the whole summer to come to terms with The End.  I knew back in May that things weren’t great, I wasn’t getting what I needed, and that I should move on. However, I didn’t want to rock the boat with just a few weeks left in school. There was also that fraction of a percent of doubt that my “down feelings” with him were actually rooted in the general shit-show that is saying goodbye to b-school.  Four months and a long trip to SE Asia later, I knew that I definitely wanted out and simply waited for the right time to bring it up (ahem, at a bar, after a few drinks…tee hee).

Now I’m in NYC, in my late 20s, single, happy with my job, armed with an MBA and a group of kick-ass friends.  We’ll see what trouble I get into.


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cough told you so. glad you’re happy in the big city.

Comment by Brian

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