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March 27, 2006, 11:25
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So I got inspired yesterday (Sunday March 26th) after logging onto CNN.Com and reading about the Latino marches. I started writing, and you know what…it really sucked. I got all wordy and crap. See, that is exactly what I have to avoid. Or at the very least, organize this into two categories: “Blunt Posts” and “Wordy Posts.”

To be 100% honest, i’m a little hesitant about this whole online diary thing. I feel like i’m going to filter my thoughts because i don’t want anyone tracing the blog back to me.

this is a work in progress though…maybe i’ll loosen up as i go along.


ps. i hate capitalizing letters. get used to it.


The Latino Civil Rights Movement
March 26, 2006, 11:25
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“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

On Saturday March 25th 2006, more than half a million Latinos flooded the streets that they work in. Wearing white shirts and committing no acts of violence, the Latino community demonstrated an unbelievable sign of unity as it fights to gain equal footing in the United States.

The Issue: The 11 million undocumented Latinos that work in the United States are here to make a better life for themselves. Their work and contribution to the economy has created an entire new market that corporations everywhere are scrambling to tap into. The halls of Congress are affected daily by immigration as Senators and Representatives must decide whether they can afford to target Latino voters; they’re damned if they don’t given the voting force Latinos hold, and damned if they do given how contentious political fights get for those who are not “tough” on immigration.

The reality is that Lationos are everywhere. They work in our houses, office buildings, and schools. They serve our food, construct our communities, and add flavor to our surroundings. No matter their immigration status, whether they are legally recognized as living in the United States or not, whether they have a green card, or whatever simple category the paper pushers making laws would like to place them in: Latinos are contributing members of American Society. It is a fact. They are here.

Civil Rights: During the 1960s the Civil Rights leaders organized similar protests amongst the black community. Despite the fact that black communities stood in all corners of the country and worked at all rungs of the economy, African-Americans were not recognized as equals by the law or society. Wages. Political and civil participation. Workforce ascension.

The 3/25 Latino March and dialogue regarding immigration policy is another chapter in the Civil Rights movement. Given that Latinos are already in the United States: give them legal recogniztion that they are here, give them just pay based on merit rather than documentation status, AND DO NOT make them felons for being here.

Okay i’m getting bored of writing.

points to follow:

Democracy: Will this influence the Senate’s decision on the bill? Yes, the People make the government. The Latinos’ unified message is platered all over domestic and international media outlets. The message is going to be heard, and it will be talked about, and it will influence change. This is democracy.

Also, compare the French Riots earlier this month and late last year to this. Especially the ones last year…they were about race and immigration too, but those were violent. Real democracy should not have to digress to violence because communication of a clear message by a felt subset of the population should be enough to create a change in policy. At least on paper.

If the United States government reacts and listens to the Latino message then it proves that Democracy “government for the people, by the peoploe, etc etc” is real. It exists here. Our democracy would lead by example…and that might even have more impact than throwing a bunch of bombs at the “laboratories of Democracy/rogue nations” in the Middle East.

I have to flush this out more.